It’s All In You

A daily practice changing one thought at a time. Shifting your mindset really changes the trajectory of your life. When you focus on solutions instead of problems you’re entire being and the word around it moves to reveal solutions to you. “Seek and Ye Shall Find.”

Published by Elizabethhaley

I am no expert on anything, but I know a whole lot about some things. I help vulnerable children, I know way too much celebrity gossip and consider myself a professional procrastinator. Truthfully, I am eclecticism personified. There are enough ideas in my brain to launch a dozen ventures, but somehow, I get lost somewhere between the getup and the go! I've been told I'll talk to a tree, I guess that was an odd way of saying I'm friendly or maybe that I talk too much! I'll go with the first one. Optimism has saved me thousands in therapy bills a trusted and true pick me up. Well, optimism coupled with wine and a few compliments works even better. One thing I am great at is inspiring others. All this under-utilized information I retain like 10 pounds of water weight, comes in handy in the form of great advice. In short, my friends, co-workers and often people I meet during my commute benefit from all the errors I have made along the way. I hope you'll join me as I discuss a series of subjects that have touched me in some way. We'll discuss issues from serious to silly, always with compassion a bit of humor and of course optimism. I will share my life experience with the hits and near misses and hope you too will benefit from the Jewels of wisdom dripped in from me, Gem!

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