Wonderful Wednesday

On the train headed to work, a place I’m finding increasingly difficult to be I decided to practice some positive thinking. Switching from my endless spiraling thoughts of things “to do” I made a mental checklist of many of the things I’m grateful for and switched from “I have to…” to “I get to..” this actually worked and now I’m a bit less anxious about the work day and somewhat excited to conquer a bunch of this list. I do amazing, purposeful work that I am passionate about, it’s the seemingly impossible regulations that drain the enthusiasm out of the work. In my field there are constant surprises many unpleasant and frequently the only way to push forward is by thinking of the bright side sometimes creating one where there seems to be none in sight. However, I’m proud of my efforts and thankful that I have the stomach to do it. On this wonderful Wednesday (only two days until Friday) remember “Reality is created by the mind, we change our reality by changing our mind.”-Plato Happy Wednesday!
-Gem 💎
No two paths are exactly the same. Stay in your lane and focused on your own goals. We don’t cross the finish line by looking back at our competitors. Consistency and gratitude together make a winning attitude. Happy Monday!
-Gem 💎

Fighting Back Fear


I can think of trillions of motivational speeches and quotes but still have to work extra hard to push past my own self-doubt to produce! The ideas are there, the motivation exists it’s just those nagging thoughts (this sucks, it’s not good enough, do more!!), they literally paralyze productivity. What to do? Well I’ve decided to (in the words of Nike) “just do it!” I feel like a kid on the edge of the diving board all over again. Gosh it looks fun, but everything looks tougher from up high. Everyone wants to make it to the top, but few can handle the view. I’m scared of my own potential like a timid child running away from her shadow. Everything holding me back is all inside of my own head just as all that can catapult me to succeed is in that very same place. Much like my skinny jeans I’ve outgrown mediocrity and it’s just time to upgrade myself by force or sheer discomfort. There’s no magic wand to zap me into the next realm of success (trust I would’ve ordered it long ago!) and waiting on myself to be “ready” I’d perish from old age. So for the umpteenth time I’ll start again. If nothing else I’ll learn what doesn’t work, but who knows this time I just may succeed by way of consistency and growth because “nothing changes if nothing changes.”-Unknown

-Gem 💎

Sorting Through the Stress

Finding the bright side is an ongoing exercise in positivity and patience, and life seemingly has unlimited occasions for you to put these exercises to practice. With all things new and amazing comes an effort to maintain and grow! I have so many wonderful gifts to be grateful for but somehow seem to focus on the burden of the gifts rather than the blessings. A busy mind makes for a hectic life. Like many, I am wonderful at giving advice and have tons of useful tools to manage the chaos but don’t always apply them until I’m forced to. A strength I have is self-healing and being firmly aware of my tolerance to nonsense. My BS threshold is fairly low so it’s important that I give myself ample space to recuperate before taking on too much. Otherwise, the results will not be pretty (slight smile). There is a healthy amount of stress that’s motivating like deadlines, but I’m finding that the unnecessary stress which adversely affects health continues to creep in. Such as shortened deadlines with extra tasks created to enhance the profile of those who impose them, disputes with a former/ex anything. If they’re an “ex” (spouse/roommate/business partner etc.) there was a reason for the dissolution so no need to add on your plate with their mess; and most of all other people’s baggage (the latter can be added to this as well!). Being nice to others and accepting such things is cruelty to self. I write this as a note to self and for anyone who needs to hear it, manage your stress before it handles you. If it doesn’t pay you it should work for you in other ways. Walk into the week with joy knowing you have the power to manage everything that comes your way and at the very least the way in which you react to it. Happy Monday 😊

-Gem 💎

Self cleansing

Spending a lot of time shifting into the next phase of my life. New career, address, love and outlook. Too much time was lost on stressing about the past and what needs to be done, what wasn’t done correctly or what I’d like to do! In trying to be all things to everyone I’d lost myself I feel like a first grader trying to find my footing but as nerve wrecking as this is I’m equally excited 😊 have a great day!
-Gem 💎

Quit Being a Scaredy-cat!

But what if…I don’t know…I’m not ready!!! Oh, my universe the excuses and those are just the few I had told myself in the last couple hours. It’s truly ironic to “fear progress.” I had to have the mirror talk again, when are you going to stop defeating yourself? I mean honestly, all of this talking myself down is exhausting. A therapist friend once told me that you can be a great helper and still need help! I’m not sure I’ve ever heard truer words. I’ve literally talked people off a ledge only to mentally climb up myself and kill my dreams, pathetic I know! I’ve read that most of what we fear never come to fruition and life has shown me this is true. Not trying is guaranteeing a fail without even a profitable lesson to fall back on. Moving forward I am taking all (smart) shots and I plan to sink at least a few! I’m giving myself the pep-talks I have with my kids and reserving some of this unconditional loyalty and faith for myself. It’s time, come grow with me.

-Gem 💎

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